Staying Reliable And Recognizable - Tips For Beginning Metal Stamping Design

4 August 2016
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


Whether you're in the business of creating strong, rugged, resilient machine parts or in the art of delicate, intricate, beautiful jewelry, the process of metal stamping can provide you with the consistent results you desire. However, in order to get the most from the stamping process, it's important that you make sure your design doesn't get in the way of creating consistent results.

If you've hesitated to fully embrace the possibilities of metal stamping, the guide below should help you get started. Across its wide variety of applications, stamping follows a few basic guidelines, and keeping these in mind will help guarantee that you receive the results you desire every time.

Attention To Materials

One of the biggest mistakes that many people make when considering metal stamping projects is disregarding the importance of the characteristics of different materials. While industrial applications may require certain metals, consumer goods may have some flexibility. That flexibility, however, should not be an invitation to embrace willful ignorance.

The brittleness of your chosen metal will go a long way toward determining how it will react to intricate stamping and pressing. Similarly, if you're concerned about producing items with a high luster, you may want to avoid repeated, intense stamping. While choosing cheaper materials can be an appealing cost-cutting measure, always be sure that the needs of your customers come first.

Unique Signifiers

Keeping a manufacturing operation running smoothly requires consistent access to the right parts at the right time. In some cases, smaller metal pieces can appear very similar to the untrained eye, and you may lose a great deal of time, productivity, and even inventory itself to the wrong application of the wrong piece at the wrong time.

In order to make sure your inventory stays under control, you may want to consider adding unique signifiers to the stamped design of smaller metal pieces. This will allow employees on an assembly line to quickly and accurately assess their parts' needs, guaranteeing a much smoother operation overall.

Repeatable Designs

Perhaps the biggest advantage of the metal stamping process is that it allows you to have access to large quantities of metal pieces without the struggle and time delay of hand-produced work. In an industry where quantity can sometimes be king, cranking out large numbers of metal pieces in one production push can be a huge positive. In order to maximize that positivity, be sure that your stamp design is one that's highly repeatable and desirable. This will guarantee that you can make minimal changes to the design and secure your production well into the future. Contact a company like Hub Manufacturing & Metal Stamping to learn more.