5 Features Your Trucking Signs Need To Maximize Their Effectiveness

29 January 2015
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


As a professional in the trucking business, you know that every time one of your semi-trucks drives on the road, they have an opportunity to market potential customers. And what better way to advertise than to turn your trucks into driving billboards with the help of custom signs? Here are five features your trucking signs need to maximize their effectiveness:

A High Quality Photo

A great way to personalize your business among potential customers is to include a high quality photo of you, your employees, or a scene of the truck yard on your signs. A carefully chosen photo gives a face to your company and provides potential customers with a frame of reference when they come across your business name, your logo, or your company's building.

Some Lamination

Lamination gives your truck signs an extra layer of protection from outdoor elements so the photos don't face, the lettering remains clear, and the edges don't tear as time goes on. Clear lamination is inexpensive and will not distort the fonts and colors you choose to use on your custom signs.

A Call-to-Action

If you don't tell potential customers what you want them to do, you can't expect them to do it. If you'd like to connect with potential clients to survey them about the existing trucking services they use, if you want to give away a free pen to anyone who schedules a consultation appointment, or if you just want people to pick up the phone and inquire about your services, all you have to do is say so on your signs!

Contact Info

This may seem like an obvious piece of information to include on your custom signs, but with everything else you need to address your contact information can be easily overlooked. You don't have to include all of your contact information on the signs – choose one and stick with it. Email, phone, or even website information will do the trick. Have your contact information printed in a different color that the rest of your text to ensure that it stands out and can be easily found.

Your Logo

Including your company's logo on your custom truck signs is a great way to build brand recognition, which is essential if you want to create a trustworthy reputation within your community and beyond. You can implement your logo as part of the overall sign design, or have it included as the background so it's recognizable but not a main focus of your overall message.

With the help of these features and places like Snyder Signs Inc, your trucking signs are sure to catch the attention of potential customers and put you at the forefront of your competition.