Two Common Problems Your Concrete May Encounter

22 May 2015
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Your home's concrete is likely something that you rarely think about, but it is possible for this durable material to encounter problems. When this happens, you will need to understand the source of the problem to determine the appropriate repair steps. Considering that you likely rarely think about this part of your home, there are probably at least a couple of questions about commonly encountered concrete problems that you may want answered.

Why Is the Surface of the Concrete Peeling Away?

Unfortunately, it is relatively common for homeowners to find that the surface of the concrete in their basements is peeling away. This problem represents a potentially severe threat to your home because this peeling will structurally weaken the concrete. Considering that the walls in the basement are often load bearing, this can structurally weaken your entire home.

This problem occurs because moisture is absorbing into the concrete. As the temperature fluctuates, the water will expand or contract, which can place tremendous stresses on the concrete. Sadly, this is not a simple problem to repair, and since it is such an important part of your home, you will be better served by hiring a professional concrete contractor to address the issue.   

What Causes Mineral Deposits on the Concrete?

Another routine issue that you may not is the presence of mineral deposits on the exterior of the concrete. Sadly, these deposits represent a weakening of the concrete because these minerals are essential for holding the ingredients of the concrete together. 

If you notice this problem, you should contact a professional to repair it as soon as possible. When this problem is caught early, you may be able to address the issue by installing french drains along the concrete to minimize the amount of moisture that is present. However, extreme instances of damage will likely require the concrete to be replaced because too many minerals have been extracted. 

When the concrete in your home or business starts to encounter problems, it is important for you to be well-informed about these materials to make sure that you understand what is needed to repair these problems. Understanding these two answers for questions about peeling concrete and mineral deposits will help you to make the right choices when these routine concrete issues start to develop. Without addressing these problems, you will find that the issues they cause will only worsen, which can further lead to extremely expensive repairs and other issues that you will have to manage. For more information, talk to a professional like Robar Enterprises Inc.