The Perks Of Steel Kitchen Counter Tops

22 October 2015
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Steel counter tops can give your kitchen a very unique look. Many people love the modern look and raw style of steel counters. Steel is also a very practical and easy-to-maintain product for kitchens. In fact, it is often used in restaurants and professional kitchen because it is ideal for working with raw foods. If you do plan on installing steel counter tops, you will need to do a little maintenance every few years. This article explains the advantages of using steel counter tops and how to maintain them.

The Perks of Steel Counter Tops

Steel is an ideal counter top if your cabinets can support the weight. Most cabinets will be able to hold the weight, but some older cabinets might need to be reinforced. A professional cabinet installer will be able to determine if reinforcing the cabinets is necessary.

Steel counter tops are polished and sealed. This makes them an ideal and sanitary surface. However, the finish does need to be reapplied every once in a while to maintains its waterproof qualities. If steel counter tops are not properly sealed, they can form rust. Even worse, they can become unsanitary if you are using the counter for food preparation. Mold and bacteria on an unsealed counter require strenuous cleaning with antibacterial liquids.

You should also be aware that steel counter tops come in many different colors, not just silver. Steel can be dyed or painted with paints that give it character and often make it look aged. Oddly, some of the more popular metal counter top finishes have fake rust. The look of rust is okay, but you obviously don't want it to form naturally.

Maintaining Steel Counter Tops

As mentioned, steel counter tops do need to be sealed and maintained over the years. This process is actually quite simple, all you need is the sealant and some steel wool. You will want to lightly rub the counter with steel wool before applying the stain. This smooths out the surface and removes any build up of dirt, making the finish more uniform. Applying metal sealant is easy, but wear gloves and a mask because it has a powerful smell. Simply spread the sealant all over the steel with a rag. Let it dry for an hour before applying at least one more coat.

Steel counter tops (like most others) will require a little bit of maintenance. However, they are easy to clean and they look great. If this seems like the right fit for you, contact local providers, such as Ballard Sheet Metal Works Inc.