2 Road Dust Control Options

15 June 2016
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


Unpaved roads aren't just tough on the undercarriages of cars, they are also tough on you. That's because there is all kinds of dust that gets thrown up when you are driving down the road. It covers your car, you have to breathe it, and it can take a long time for the dust to settle, especially if it's been dry. You are going to end up tracking it into your house and it can just get everywhere. There are several road dust control measures that you can take that will help keep the dust on the road and not in your lungs or on your car or in your house. 

Calcium Chloride

Calcium chloride is a salt that can be dissolved in water. When it is dissolved in water, the liquid can be sprayed on an unpaved road in order to keep the dust down. The way that this usually happens is that a tanker truck full of the solution will drive down your road with a spray bar at the back. The spray bar will have several nozzles. As the truck drives down the road, the solution comes out from the spray bar. Since the bar is set low on the truck and the spray is reasonably diffused, it won't bring up more dust. In fact, it will also help to settle the dust generated by the truck. Calcium chloride is a relatively low cost and low maintenance choice. 

Lignin Sulfonate

Lignin sulfonate is a byproduct that comes from the paper industry. It acts like a glue and is found in many other industries. It can also act as a dust suppressant. When it gets sprayed on your dusty unpaved road, it helps to keep the dust down. You can have the lignin sulfonate mixed in with the top layer of the dirt or gravel and it will help to suppress the dust even longer. A side benefit to using the lignin sulfonate is that it is more environmentally friendly. It can also make the road last longer because it makes the surface more solid, similar to pavement, so it won't wear out or erode away as easily. 

If you are tired of eating dust and having a dirty car because you have to drive down an unpaved road, it's time to start looking at options. There are different solutions that can be sprayed on your road to help control the dust and keep it from flying up in the air.