What Makes Heat Shrink Tubing So Popular?

22 July 2022
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


Tubing plays an important role in many manufacturing activities. Plastic tubing is used to protect wiring, and offer rigid support for wires or pipes. There are several different kinds of tubing available for use, but many manufacturers reach for heat shrink tubing.

This unique type of tubing is essentially a thermoplastic tube that shrinks when exposed to heat. Heat shrink tubing is extremely versatile and easy to use, which helps to make it appealing to manufacturers across the country.

Learn more about the benefits heat shrink tubing offers so that you can better understand why this type of tubing is so popular among modern manufacturers.

Maximum Protection

Tubing is often used when sensitive components are in need of protection. Heat shrink tubing can maximize the protection offered to electrical wiring and pipes.

The durability of the thermoplastic used to create heat shrink tubing allows this type of tubing to withstand damage caused by impact, abrasions, and sharp cutting edges. Heat shrink tubing is also capable of resisting penetration from chemicals, moisture, and dust or debris.

Since the tubing can maintain its integrity when faced with these hazards, the wiring housed inside the tubing is never at risk of sustaining any serious damage. 

Structural Support

Thermoplastics tend to provide a very strong structural support to any components they are paired with. When you need tubing for wiring applications, heat shrink tubing can give you the structural support needed to protect your wires against serious damage,

The structural support of heat shrink tubing reduces the amount of stress placed on wires, connectors, and other components housed within the tubing. This reduction in stress allows wire and wire components to remain functional over a longer period of time.

Unique Appearance

Heat shrink tubing can help improve the aesthetic of any wire project. Individual wire bundles can be grouped together using colored heat shrink tubing to allow for easy identification when repairs are needed.

Heat shrink tubing can also lend a smooth texture to finished wires, which makes them more attractive to the eye. Anytime wiring will be visible within a project or space, heat shrink tubing can ensure that the appearance of the wiring doesn't detract from the overall aesthetic of its surroundings.

If you haven't given a lot of thought to the type of tubing that you use in your manufacturing facility, now is the time to take advantage of the benefits heat shrink FEP tubing can offer by switching over to this unique type of tubing.