2 Benefits Of Using Urethane Rollers On Your Factory's Manufacturing Line

3 January 2023
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


If your factory uses large rollers as part of its manufacturing process to remove wrinkles or thin-out materials, you may have found that you are constantly having to replace them. Because they are standard rollers, they either crack and break after continuous use or the surfaces deteriorate to the point that the rollers have to be changed.

If so, you may want to consider switching out the standard rollers for ones that are coated with urethane. There are a couple of benefits of using urethane rollers on your factory's manufacturing line, allowing you to save money on replacements and time wasted having to constantly replace them.

1. Rollers Coated with Urethane Have a High Tensile Strength Rating to Withstand Extreme Pressure from Machinery

One benefit of using rollers coated with urethane is that the coating gives them the ability to withstand extreme amounts of pressure during the machinery's operations. Even when applied thinly, urethane has a high tensile strength rating, allowing it to bear the brunt of the pressure and protect the rollers underneath.

With your standard rollers, the high pressure starts to create minuscule surface cracks the first time they are used, which will grow under continuous usage. However, with urethane rollers, damage to the surface is greatly delayed, allowing you to run the rollers longer without having to replace them.

2. Urethane Coating Resists Any Water, Chemicals, and Solvents It Is Exposed to During Product Production

Another benefit of using the rollers is that urethane is highly resistant to many different types of corrosive materials. With standard rollers without any coating to protect them, corrosives such as water, solvents, and other chemicals found in the products the rollers are working on will cause rapid deterioration of the surfaces.

However, urethane's chemical composition allows it to resist these corrosives for extended periods of time. You do not have to worry about the deterioration of their surfaces breaking down the integrity of the rollers and affecting the quality of the products.

If your factory regularly produces products that require high levels of tensile strength and contain corrosive materials such as water, solvents, and other chemicals, standard rollers will wear down and deteriorate rapidly. However, if coated with urethane, the rollers will be able to withstand the high-pressure levels and the corrosive materials to last longer. For more information, contact an industrial supply company that offers urethane rollers to speak with a representative.