Rotary Table — Purchasing Advice For Metal Fabricators

6 April 2023
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog


If you fabricate metal on a regular basis, one machine you might want to invest in is a rotary table. It spins a workpiece around and thus lets you fabricate it in a precise manner. To find the best rotary table for your fabrication operations, be sure to take these actions.

Make Sure Table Can Adjust in Many Ways   

So that you can fabricate workpieces in a lot of different ways with a rotary table, you need to make sure it can adjust in many ways. The flexibility you have with a single rotary table will make this investment worth it even more. 

You may need to adjust the angles of workpieces all the time and thanks to a highly flexible rotary table, you can support these changes with ease. Just make sure the rotary table locks in place securely after these adjustments are made. Then you'll be able to fabricate with ample safety and precision.

Think About the Specific Fabrications You'll Complete Regularly

You can find a lot of different rotary tables on the market, and they can vary in the application they're meant to support. For this reason, you need to figure out which fabrications you'll be involved in regularly. 

It might be cutting or drilling for instance. Once you have these fabrications pinpointed, you can do a better job at finding a rotary table that supports them perfectly. Then you can fabricate with maximum control, making the most out of this rotary table over the years.

Find a Table That's Not Susceptible to Friction

One thing you don't want to happen with a rotary table is for it to constantly be susceptible to friction. If this were the case, it won't be able to perform great for very long.

As such, try to find models that can rotate smoothly for a long time. Even after using a rotary table for hours with a metal workpiece, friction shouldn't be a problem you have to deal with. It might be because the table has a self-lubricating system and thus makes friction a non-issue. 

One of the more innovative ways you can fabricate using cutting and drilling methods is to rely on a rotary table that spins your metal workpieces around an axis. If you want to purchase the said table, do your research and try to see which table can support your specific operations best for more than a couple of years.